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Remy Hair and Virgin Hair

I guess many consumer are confused when shopping for the right human hair extensions.
One of the most commonly asked questions is "What's the difference between Remy and Virgin hair extensions". In this article we will explain it clearly.

Virgin Hair Extensions

Virgin human hair is also named unprocessed human hair,which is completely natural,unprocessed and intact.
It must have not be permed, dyed, colored, bleached, or chemically processed in any way and donors never have their hair curled or colored at salon in their lifetime.

Remy Hair Extensions

The term “Remy”actually describes hair quality. Remy hair is collected from a single donor,cutted from a ponytail,so all hair strands stay aligned in the natural direction as it grew,which ensures hair cuticles face the same direction. This provides a smooth texture and allows the hair to keep soft, beautiful, silky,tangle-free and last longer.
Non-remy hair is usually collected from difference donors and hair salon, hair cuticles are facing all different directions, which causes the hair to tangle and matte quite easily.

All Remy hair is Virgin hair, but not all Virgin hair is Remy hair.
If "100% Human Hair"is the Benz of the industry, then "Virgin Hair"is the Phantom And "Remy Virgin hair" is the Bugatti.
Washing Hair Test
Can scrub it in any way when washing.
It is still tangle free and the curl maintains well as new after washed
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Remy Hair and Virgin Hair
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